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VARIETAL: Chardonnay

VINEYARDS: Wheeler Vineyard & Kevin Olson Vineyard

FARMING:  Certified Organic CCOF

LOCATION: Central Coast

ALCOHOL: 12.5%

We picked the fruit at 21-21.5 brix to capture a nice balance of acidity and fruit.  It was a much later harvest than the previous vintage due to the late Spring - we picked a full month later than the year before for both vineyards.  2023 was a record wet season from December – March.  The grapes went direct to press and the juice was barrel fermented using only native yeasts.  The wine aged in neutral French Oak barrels for 7 months and went through full malolactic fermentation, allowing to give this wine a nice balance of depth and acidity.

Viticultural Area: 


Wheeler Vineyard’s Chardonnay was planted in 1974 on elevated gravelly alluvial terrace.  It is CCOF organically farmed and part of the Historical Vineyard Society, located in Tres Pinos. Kevin Olson Vineyard is one of the coldest vineyards in California, and that is where we get the nice acid backbone in the wine. It is located right off Highway 101 in Prunedale and grows in sandy soils. It was planted in 1999 and recently received CCOF Organic certification this year.

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